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School Year Calendars

  • Calendar update for 2017-2018

    As a result of the current teacher negotiations the 2017-2018 calendar will be updated soon.

    Why did school start before Labor Day?

    Starting school before Labor Day allows for an earlier out in June, provides for additional instructional time before testing, and better aligns secondary school events with other schools in the region. Attendance data from years when school started before Labor Day and when school started after Labor Day are not statistically different.  Attendance the first week of school for the 2016-17 year was strong.

    What about the results of the school calendar survey?

    The goals of the Calendar Committee were to:

    • Develop a calendar that supports student attendance.
    • Develop a calendar that supports student participation in a wide range of school related activities.
    • Develop a calendar that maximizes learning time.

    With these goals in mind, the Calendar Committee wrestled with the parent preference to start school after Labor Day along with the parent preferences to have school end earlier, have more instructional time before critical tests, and be more aligned with other Region IV schools.  There was even strong parent preference for having the first semester end before the Winter Break - that would have meant an even earlier start. Unfortunately not all of these preferences are compatible with each other so the committee had to make some choices. They had thorough discussions and considered multiple viewpoints and both quantitative and qualitative data before making a recommendation to the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees voted on and approved a school calendar with a pre-Labor Day start.